Forward Head Posture
Vipin Kumar Pandey

By - Vipin Kumar Pandey
Functional Manual Therapist at VARDĀN
Forward head posture (FHP) or poking chin is a poor habitual neck posture that is defined by increased backward bending of the upper cervical vertebrae and forward translation of the cervical vertebrae. Because of the rising popularity of media devices such as smartphones and computers, frequent users often exhibit incorrect posture. With the introduction of modern technologies including new age computers and other communication devices, such as hand held devices that are available to everyone, including youths, individuals are frequently using these devices in bad sitting postures. These include FHP and rotated neck posture, similar to torticollis position, which in turn affects their breathing pattern and consequently may lead to breathing dysfunction. Similar postures are usually seen in elderly, as a result of normal aging process and related to neck disorders. Furthermore, musculoskeletal problems of the shoulder, neck, and back.

These positions can interfere with the breathing mechanism and alter the diaphragm mobility. It can can cause many possible conditions such as –
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Cervical fascet dysfunction
  • Headache
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome
  • First rib elevation
  • Upper back cross syndrome
  • Shoulder pain
  • Breathing dysfunction can lead to reduced lung capacity
  • Kyphosis (hunch Back)
Causes of FHP
  • Effect of gravity: slouching, poor ergonomic alignment.
  • Occupational posture: forward or backward leaning of head for long duration, slouched or relaxed sitting, faulty sitting posture, while at the computer screen.
  • Result of other faulty posture, like pelvic and lumber spine posture.
  • Sleeping with head elevated too high.
  • Texting posture maintained for long duration.
  • Lack of development of back muscle strength.
Effects Of FHP
  • During forward head posture, the head is positioned anterior to the body’s center of gravity, where lordosis is increased in the upper cervical region and decreased in the lower cervical region. This leads to a reduction in the overall curvature of the cervical spine and puts stress on the entire posterior spinal muscular system, especially the cervical region
  • Forward head posture can give rise to abnormal changes in the anatomical structure of the cervical and thoracic sections of the spine leading to changes in respiratory function. In addition, changes in mobility of the cervical region, improper head posture, and dysfunction of global and local muscle systems result in muscle imbalance and instability of individual spinal segments
  • This posture shortens the front side of neck muscles, but lengthens the muscles present behind the neck
How FMTTM Helps
Functional manual therapists help clients by evaluating and analysing the weak or compensated structures, further assisting them in gaining efficient posture and get rid of acute/ chronic pain. Having the right posture keeps the body in the proper alignment that helps get the core engaged automatically, making it more efficient and reducing the recurrence of injuries.

FMTTM is therapeutically a core-first strategy program, which includes a whole body assessment, after that, according to individual’s requirement, a functional manual therapist can suggest a supervised exercise program, mobilization, and patient education. This program is effective for correcting neck posture, and increasing return-to-work rate. In addition, it helps to improve function of our clients, reduce recurrence of pain, and associated stress.

In relation to modern device use, we can make you understand how to use it properly, without causing any compensation or extra muscle work on your body. We help our clients with specific and focused exercise programs and ergonomic related advice and changes, according to their workstation.
Our Client Speak

“Excellent knowledge, care, and professionalism. I am very impressed with the way the problem is analysed and how personalized the exercise program is. Vipin spent time explaining to me the underlying cause of the problem so I can fully understand what needs to be corrected and can better manage similar issues in the future. Its empowering. Mr. Vipin, you are really VARDAN for me. Please keep it up, you are really doing a good job.”

- Arunesh Sharma

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