Little League Elbow
Takshima Seth

By - Takshima Seth
Functional Manual Therapist at VARDĀN
Little League elbow is a common overuse injury associated with throwing. It is the result of repetitive stress to the growth plate on the inner side of elbow. The growth plate is the attachment site for the group of muscles that bend the wrist and rotate the forearm. This injury is most common in pitchers but also occurs in catchers, infielders, and outfielders. The greatest stress occurs during the acceleration phase of throwing a baseball. Growing bones are easily injured because the growth plate is much weaker than the ligaments and muscles that attach to it. As the individual grows and growth plate fuses, then injury is more likely to occur in ligaments and tendons. During the overhand throw, the inside of the elbow has slight pull placed on it, while the outside of the elbow has pressure placed on it. This repeated traction on the inner elbow pulls at the growth plate, and it becomes irritated and inflamed.
  • Sharp pain on the inside of the elbow
  • Swelling
  • A locked or stiff elbow, difficulty in straightening the arm, a bump appears on the inside of the elbow
  • Decreased throwing speed or distance
Risk Factors For Developing Little League Elbow
  • Common between the ages of 8 to 15 years but can occur up to age 17 years if the growth plate has not fused
  • Common in pitchers, athletes who play other high- volume throwing positions, such as catcher, shortstop, or outfielder, are also susceptible
  • Longer competitive seasons
  • Conditioning and training errors

  • Warm-up (including stretching, running, easy and gradual throwing)
  • Appropriate technique - Correct pitching and throwing mechanics helps in the prevention of injury
  • Cool down period and prolong stretching- it leads to more efficient playing when muscles are flexible
  • Rest - Complete rest from all throwing activities is important
  • Ice pack to relieve pain and swelling
  • Physical therapy - range of motion and strength exercises of the forearm, upper arm, and shoulder
  • Return to pitching - return to throwing when pain- free and have full range of motion and strength. Gradual progress from non-throwing positions through less-throwing positions, to full-effort throwing positions
How FMTTM helps?
VARDĀN offers Functional Manual Therapy® which is an advance form of physical therapy. It focuses on the motor control, neuromuscular component, and manually, on mechanical corrections. It includes a thorough evaluation of the injury and its impact, which includes bony alignment and functioning of the muscles in the body. Our supervised exercise program benefits patients who are trying to maintain their pain and fitness post-injury or trauma. Our focus will be on taking players or patients from initial phase after injury to end phase of return to play.
Our Client Speak

I had been suffering from shoulder pain and everything I tried, like consulting Ortho doc, physiotherapy, and few injections directly in the shoulder, but all these things had been proven temporary. The best decision I made was to visit VARDAN and consult their therapist, Ms. Takshima Seth, after that I am on continuous improvement and literally thankful to Takshima and the team for doing such a great job.
This therapy and Ms. Takshima's knowledge has made me really active and increases my productivity. Mr. Chandra and Ms. Takshima, both are very helpful, supportive, their patience, understanding with patients are fabulous. My best wishes to the team for continue this excellent work and make everyone healthy and happy.

- Samir Bakshi
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