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Sumeet Rooprai

By - Sumeet Rooprai
Functional Manual Therapist at VARDĀN
Shooting is the sport of firing at targets of various kinds with rifles, handguns (pistols and revolvers), and shotguns.

It is a competitive and recreational sport. In the competitive category, the objective of the game is to shoot as close to the center of the target, which requires excellent core strength to maintain a steady position for an extended period. The shooter is expected to demonstrate accuracy and control, while aiming at a target - stationary or moving.
Common Injuries Related To Shooting
Injuries are most commonly caused by overuse, often combined with too little rest and time to recovery. Rifle shooters, most commonly, have problems with their lower back, whereas pistol shooters often have problems with their shooting shoulder and neck.
Mechanism Of Injuries
Shooting requires isometric muscle contraction, which can create spasm, muscle knots, and joint malalignment. Since the sport is typically done exclusively, from either the left or right side, these one-sided positions can create posture, muscle, and alignment asymmetries.

Over time the repetitive recoil, inefficient core, muscle imbalance, prolonged static posture, can impact the neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, and back, causing pain and alignment issues, which in turn makes it difficult to maintain a good posture while shooting, thereby, losing the game.
How FMTTM Helps
Functional Manual Therapy® is a comprehensive system of evaluation and treatment through hands-on techniques. This approach is based on three pillars - mechanical alignment, neuromuscular control & motor control.

At VARDĀN, we look at things holistically. We start with observing the posture, evaluating the cause of the problem and treating it, rather than just the symptoms. Sometimes, it’s the posture that inhibits the core and alters the stability, and hence, affects shooting. Sometimes, it’s an overuse injury, where prolonged sustained posture or the recoil, can cause strain in the muscle leading to malalignment, thereby, causing pain and shutting down the core, eventually leading to loss of stability and missing the target.
Our Client Speak

I have been in the profession for 18 years, and after an injury last year, I got a backache that just grew and grew. It hurt specially when I trained so I took a break from shooting, and even exercising. I went to other physical therapists, but their treatment helped only a little as the pain would return the moment I took up my rifle and got into position. It was clearly specific to my profession as there was no pain at other times. I got depressed as I thought my shooting career was over. Then I heard about VARDĀN from a fellow Olympian. As you know, every sport has its own dangers. FM therapists told me the pain was due to misalignment and pressure on my vertebrae, triggered by my injury. It got aggravated, when I got into my posture as the rifle is 5.5kg and we train up to 4 hours at a time! Initially even with FMTTM the pain would return, but slowly I could stand longer and take more shots. FM therapy, I realize is very specific, from analysis to treatment.

My therapist identified the exact spot on my back without even an X-ray – using just his hands – and treated it at its root! During and after my 12 sessions he gave me very specific exercises for particular areas to gradually strengthen my muscles and improve my posture. Now that I am pain-free, my head is clear, I feel so much more positive about my career – no question of quitting any more – and my whole life. And I am so happy that I didn’t have to go abroad for this treatment!

- Suma Shirur

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