Musculoskeletal Pain & Dysfunction Of Visceral Origin
Tanu Gut

By - Akanksha Singh
Functional Manual Therapist at VARDĀN
Many times we experience nagging pain in areas of the neck, shoulders, pelvis, back, hips, knees and legs. We seek treatment using electrotherapy or manual therapy or therapeutic exercises. We may find relief for a while and yet again the pain may 'come back'. The recurring nature of the ailment with ensuing pain and difficulty can be very discouraging. It gives rise to the question - what else can be done? What's missing in the treatment? The answer to the puzzle may lie with appropriate treatment of visceral organs contained in our abdomen, trunk and pelvis.
Understanding The Connection
Our visceral organs are impacted along with other bodily structures in case of any impact injury like a fall or accident. They also need time to heal from the forceful injury and be able to function normally. Till so happens they may be stuck in a dysfunctional position. They are part of our bodies moving in unhealthy movement patterns leading to chronic issues such as neck, back, shoulder, knee pain etc. These organs are also subject to their own pathologies causing a change in their structure and physiology thus changing their functionality. The connection with pain comes from shared nerve supply and close proximity with musculoskeletal structures due to connective tissues.
What can it feel like?
Pain/dysfunction originating from visceral structures can have following features:
  • Impaired digestion.
  • Impaired bowel movements.
  • Sub normal stool consistency.
  • Acidity and reflux episodes.
  • Undue flatulence.
  • Headaches.
  • Unassociated painful episodes in unconnected body areas.
  • Nagging pain and stiffness in neck, shoulders, arm, back, knees, feet.
  • Contribution to chronicity of pain.
Role of Functional Manual Therapy®
At VARDĀN, our focus has always been holistic assessment and treatment of the concerned individual. On these lines, our approach of Functional Manual Therapy® incorporates treatment of visceral organs in conjunction with painful musculoskeletal structures so as to address all possible sources of dysfunction. An exercise plan is customised to cater to the specific needs of the client to bring the rehabilitation plan to a supreme level. All throughout the process, appropriate guidance is given by the therapists to bring necessary changes in daily routine to better protect and care for the affected areas. You can experience an all round recovery program with our dedicated team of skilled therapists for variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.
Our Client Speak

I had been suffering from extreme pain in my back and legs along with numbness due to frequent falls. I came to know of Vardan from a family member and thought of trying the FMT approach. I am very glad I did as this approach genuinely traced the origin of my body's impairments giving rise to the pain and weakness. The numbness has reduced 70% and overall I'm able to move faster. The Manual treatment is the appropriate method of restoring the balance within body areas along with corrective exercises given.

All the staff of Vardan have been nothing but supportive giving end to end service. My therapist Akanksha has been friendly, supportive and understanding of all the issues, giving appropriate treatment. The process of booking sessions and transactions have been swift & prompt. The good maintenance standards of the rooms and facilities is another high point in favour of Vardan. All in all it has been a very good experience in Vardan, I would happily recommend others to avail the high quality services.

- Shalini Gupta

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